designing authentically

branded content for the

creative entrepreneur

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Hey friend,   I'm   Lo

; photographer & writer whose purpose is to tell the greater story

To put things simply; I've been called to  c r e a t e. 

It is woven through my soul to write,

to capture authentic stories through imagery,

and to curate things that will inspire others.

I was born with the innate desire to learn,

connect with people, and to explore new things.

I want to know more about who you are

and what we can create together.

My purpose is to tell the greater story,

to add value to your life, to inspire you,

and to ultimately make life easier for you. 

I want to capture your relationships, your products, and your vision, all in the best light. 




A Northern Ontario day-destination spot that offers a speciality coffee shop, home decor + gift shop, restaurant, historical boat tours, and a view of the lake that you'll never forget. 

A Toronto-based tea line providing organic, hand-crafted, premium loose leaf tea blends. They are purposefully curated to allow yourself to become more mindful while taking a small step towards a more natural wellness.



A Muskoka-based freelance florist who masters the art of honest and untamed floral design.