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  • Branding Portrait Sessions

    • general content and photos for your social media channels & website​

  • Editorial Shoots

    • larger scale sessions to create cohesive yet diverse content for your boutique/shop, magazines, catalogues, spreads​, & website 

  • Social Media Management

    • managing social media content and posting to your regular weekly schedule 

  • Logo & Website Design

    • creating logos, mood boards, & branding packages for your new business​

what next?

As a #boss, everyday your to-do list is filling the whole page and consuming your every thought. Without fail, you knock all those things off your list; because you're amazing at your job. But finding content that enhances your business while making an impact on your ideal client is time consuming. 

Here's where I come in.


When I pick up my camera, it is my goal to make your experience completely custom tailored to your needs. It's about serving you in the best way I know how; by adapting and changing perspective to who you are and what it is you do.  

As a brand photographer, my goal is to create content for you that you are thrilled about. To produce photos that feel like your brand through and through. I scout locations, I consult with you down to the very last detail; even the tone of colour you would like conveyed on your websites and social media. As a business owner myself, I know the importance of conveying a feeling - the right feeling to your clients. Because that's what we're doing; it's why we get up in the morning and hustle the way we do. We want to create a feeling by providing the best service and product in our industry. The feeling when someone finds you and says..

"This is home."